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Serial Surge Protector, RS-422/485 Data Line, Fused

  • Protects RS-422 or RS-485 ports
  • 600W serial circuit surge suppression
  • 125 mA fast-acting PCB fuses
  • Simple in-line installation
  • One time use, disposable unit
Single stage surge protectors offer a high degree of protection with Transient Voltage Suppressors (TVS) for each protected line. Model 485FPP has 600W Transient Voltage Suppressors to clamp voltages without adversely affecting normal RS-422/485 data. Fast-acting 125 mA PCB fuses to protect RS-422 and RS-485 circuits against transient voltages that are too long or too large for normal suppression. The 485FPP has 4 wires and terminal blocks for easy installation inline between the data cables – as close as possible to the serial port. Once a fuse is blown, the unit should be disposed and replaced.

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  • Technology


  • Technology

    BB-485FPP Serial

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