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Industrial Flash & Memory Solutions

Advantech Industrial Flash and Memory Solutions include: storage module, memory module and embedded I/O module. The SQFlash provides highly reliable SSD storage solutions with excellent compatibility, performance and security, whilst the SQRAM provides durable and reliable DRAM memory modules for rugged environments.

Product Categories

  • Industrial SSD

    Advantech SQFlash industrial embedded SSD solutions combine storage expansion modules such as SSD with advanced management software such as SATA interface as a total solution for all kinds of embedded applications.

    • SATA Interface

      Advantech SQFlash industrial storage modules support SATA interface SSD with multiple form factors including with 2.5" SSD, mSATA, M.2, DOM, CFast, Half-Slim, etc. with wide temperature support.
    • PATA Interface

      Advantech SQFlash industrial storage modules support PATA/IDE interface SSDs with multiple form factors such as 2.5" SSD, DOM and CF with wide temperature support and optional PIO transfer mode.
    • PCIe Interface

      Advantech SQFlash industrial storage modules support the latest PCIe interface SSDs such as M.2 and U.2 for enterprise class applications. Also Mini PCIe form factor is available for general embedded application which provides higher performance.
    • SD / USB Interface

      Advantech SQFlash industrial storage modules provide SD interface products such as SD/SDXC and Micro SD. USB DOMs and eMMC products are also available with optional wide temperature support to fit industrial applications.
  • Industrial Memory

    Advantech SQRAM Industrial Memory solutions offer an extensive portfolio of industrial grade DRAM solutions, like un-buffered DIMMs and SO-DIMM designed according to the JEDEC standards and cover all technologies including DDR2, DDR3, DDR4 memory in wide temp ranges (-40 to 85°C).

  • Embedded Extension Modules

    Advantech's EXM Embedded Extension Modules (EXM) are standard full-size Mini PCIe modules that come in a variety of I/O interface choices such as LAN port and CANBus, which can extend extra interface ports without customization or board modification.

    • Touch Module

      Advantech's Embedded Touch Module (ETM) solutions include: Touch screen, Touch board, Touch sensors, and our own software - Touchware providing high reliability, high resolution, and fast conversion time. Our ETM solutions incorporate various touchscreen technologies including Resistive, and Capacitive touch types, applicable to Touch screen, Touch board, Touch sensor applications.
    • CANBus & Interface Card

      Advantech has developed a series of APIs for customers to access Controller Area Network (CANBus) Protocols. The form factors of most modules are combination of full-size Mini PCIe & module types, easy to fit different applications.

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