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Interactive Vending Machine



Modern coin-operated vending machines were originally designed to dispense postcards and were typically located at railway stations and post offices. Before long, they were used serve basic goods in retail settings, before eventually moving to residential and sparsely populated areas. This trend has continued and even expanded in modern times. With relatively recent advancements in technology, a new retail revolution has gradually emerged and has transformed traditional vending machines into comprehensive interactive vending machines or even unmanned shops. These facilities are set to become a new type of retail mutual sales system in cities and suburbs, and in addition to providing consumers with more choices, they also solve human resource problems and can collect big data on consumer usage patterns. These data provide manufactures with useful information for developing new products that are a closer match to consumers’ needs.


Interactive kiosks have several key functions. First, they are fitted with many cameras with facial recognition capabilities so that they can not only monitor and record consumers’ purchase behaviors but also predict their age. In addition, the system can record hot-selling products and notify manufacturers to replenish stocks at any time. Furthermore, product information can be managed remotely. Or this purpose, Advantech has developed a total solution, the EPC-T3285. This thin, 1U compact system is powered by Intel® Gen. 6 and 7 Core™ i processor and has a PCIe expansion slot for installing an additional function card to connect up to four cameras. Its rich I/O interface makes it perfect for interactive kiosks because it allows for the connection of multiple peripheral devices. Furthermore, the thin 1U design overcomes space limitations and the 9~36 V power range provides support for different voltage supplies in different market or regions. Thus, the EPC-T3285 is the ideal choice for this new retail self-service system.

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