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Due to the fast-growing renewable energy industry, increasingly more solar power plants are planned for construction and operation worldwide. Current concerns among power plant owners and grid companies include data accuracy, operation efficiency, and asset management. Advantech’s SPMS solution offers a unified monitoring management system, machine-to-intelligence technology, and a solid IoT data framework that can meet most managerial demands.

Software Diagram

Software Diagram

System Architecture

Feature Highlights

Application Story

Computer Industry

Intelligent cloud solution with operation and maintenance management for solar power plants

  • High flexibility and scalability for long-term data storage ensures accuracy and security
  • Real-time GUI and IP camera monitoring system help customers gain an overview of on-site equipment operating status
  • With a solid data platform and analysis system, individual KPIs can achieved through efficient management
Communication Products

Distributed solar power station monitoring system

  • Qualified for local regulations for seamless real-time process monitoring of station equipment
  • Updated data analysis and user-friendly interface ensure stable and reliable system operation
  • Open software platform can be easily maintained remotely through unified management
Computer Industry

Advantech edge data acquisition solutions improve real-time monitoring efficiency

  • Real-time acquisition of data parameters including radiation, temperature, humidity, and wind direction
  • Data can be transmitted to a central management system via Ethernet, Wi-Fi, RS-485, and various other interfaces
  • Supports remote access and browsing optimizes remote equipment management efficiency
Communication Products

Data acquisition solutions for distributed solar power stations

  • Based on RISC-technology industrial IoT gateway with support for multiple network transmission protocols and a design that ensures safe operation harsh environments
  • Automatically resumes data transmission upon network reconnection to ensure data integrity and accuracy
  • Supports hundreds of communication protocols, compatible mainstream brands of inverters, combiner boxes, meters, and more

SRP Visualization

SRP Visualization

Focal Point: Solar Power Station Operation

  • Real-time video
  • Schedule for solar panel cleaning
  • Inverter running status

Interactive Dashboard

  • Group overview

Management Scorecard

  • Group monthly power generation
  • Station monthly power generation efficiency
  • Group revenue statistics
  • Group planned power generation and yield rate

Global Station Availability and Status


Status Overview of Specific Stations

Station Monitoring

Wind Turbine Monitoring and PHM Solution Home Page
  • One-line diagram
  • Station real-time alarm notifications
  • Station power generation trend
  • Equipment status
  • Basic station information

Equipment Monitoring

Wind Farm Status Overview
  • Running parameters
  • Basic information
  • Daily conversion efficiency trend
  • Daily load curve
  • Device real-time alarm notifications

Data Analysis for Theoretical and Actual Power Generation

Production Management
  • Comparison chart of theoretical versus actual power generation
  • Station power generation reporting

Operation Analysis

Maintenance Management
  • Statistics on equipment abnormalities
  • Station maintenance orders